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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 27


Assignment for Day 28
Write - Complete text analysis and write a 3-4 page workshop draft of your Text Analysis Report.


Discussion of fourth article from the course packet. Briefly check general comprehension of this article. As a class, establish the text's purpose, topic, and position WITHOUT getting into the complexities of analysis which you hope students will do on their own.

Answer questions about students' own analyses - Spend a few minutes responding to any concerns, frustrations, or confusion that students are having. When having this type of large group "progress report" type discussion, it is often a good idea to get students to respond to one another's questions, as they have all been working on the same assignment and are likely to have encountered many of the same problems. Students seem to enjoy giving advice to their peers in this way as well.

Daily: Review Assignment Sheet for Assignment Criteria and Strategies.- Have students take out their assignment sheet, re-read it silently, then list a few ideas in response to a prompt like the following: What would a really effective Text Analysis Report look like? What elements would it include? What strategies would it use? [Go on to discuss student responses, using them to generate a group of criteria that the class can use in examining the sample essay.

Examine Sample Text Analysis Report.Hand out the sample essay, and have students read it silently. Ask them to note effective and ineffective elements of the essay as they read. Then discuss their observations as a large group.

In any remaining time, ask students to discuss particular strategies that would be helpful in writing this Text Analysis Report, and add in any that you yourself have thought of after having responded to their first attempts at analysis.

Hand back students' text analyses (on Article 3) with your comments.