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Unit One, Day 3

DAILY: What are the conventions of academic writing in America? How is academic writing different from other kinds of communication -- like journal writing, creative writing, or speech?

Discuss the daily. Get students to brainstorm the kinds of conventions they are familiar with. How are they different? Why? What purpose does it serve? (lead into a discussion of purpose and audience here).

What are the differences between the Western and Chinese view of the self according to Shen?

Do you think that Shen is correct to claim that the concept of a topic sentence is "symbolic of the values of a busy people in an industrialized society, rushing to get things done..."?

HOME WORK: Write a short (one page, typed, double spaced) response to the following question: In what way does a group or community you belong to shape (mold, form, change) your identity? This group can either be broadly cultural (Japanese, Mexican, etc.) or it can be smaller -- like a club, fraternity, sorority, etc. Read PHG 172-187 by Friday.