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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 15

DAILY: Which one of the articles assigned for the Inquiry essay did you find more persuasive? Why? Write for about five minutes and be ready to discuss.

class discussion:

  1. ask about the daily -- which article(s) did students enjoy most? why?
  2. read aloud a passage from the three articles

  3. discuss the articles we haven't yet in detail; what is Rodriguez saying? what is Fallows saying?
  4. what are some themes that show up in each article? LANG. AND: IDENTITY, UNITY, EDUCATION, POLITICS, ALIENATION, ASSIMILATION, DISCRIMINATION, POWER (write on the board) --have student scribe
  5. discuss themes -- what do they mean? how are some themes similar/different from one another in each article?
  6. in what ways can students relate?
  7. in what ways can students not relate?
HOME WORK: respond to each article (half page response for each, typed, double spaced etc.)