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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 12

Start Inquiry today

DAILY: As you hand in your Summary Response papers today, what do you think you did best in the paper? What areas never felt quite "finished" (if any)? Please write for about 7 minutes and print to hand in.

points to cover RE: Inquiry

with the synthesis paper, you will read three different essays on the same subject -- all have different opinions, plus you will formulate your own opinion and write a paper that incorporates all of these views.

take three print advertisements: how do they represent more than one view? discuss

divide students into groups: think about the Canadian snowboarding champion who was stripped of his medal for testing positive for marijuana. between now and Wednesday, think about the situation from the perspective from which you are assigned.

HOME WORK: think about the Olympic "event" from the perspective of the group you are in -- jot down some notes and be ready to meet with your group on Wednesday to discuss. also, read at least one of the three articles assigned for the Inquiry essay.