Part II - Evaluate the Relevance of Source

After you've found a source that deals with an educational issue, type up an annotation of the source using the following format, with a sub-title for each of the sections as they are listed below.

I. Definition of Issue - Summarize the issue for your classmates. What is the question this article or chapter is dealing with? Why do you see it as something others might disagree with?

II. Summary of Article - Write a one-paragraph summary of the content of the article. (Remember our criteria for a good summary from the summary/response paper.)

III. Description of Context - List the journal, magazine, or book the essay comes from and the date it was published. Look through the other articles and the advertising and describe who the intended audience of this publication seems to be.

IV. Evaluate the Context - Write a paragraph or two evaluating the source according to the criteria we discussed in class, answering the following questions: