Since you are determining the context, audience, and purpose of this paper, I will be grading your papers in terms of the context you define as well as the expectation of educated argumentation. As a result, I will ask you to include a cover page to your final draft specifying each of these three. I will also expect a copy of your context analysis proposal in your folder with the other work on this paper. To complete this paper, we will spend much of class time discussing how to define such issues, research them, and support an argument for an educated audience.


  1. The paper must incorporate at least four outside sources. These sources should be derived from a combination of Internet and library research. In other words, all your sources cannot be from one place.*
  2. The paper must incorporate at least one form of "live" (qualitative) research such as observations, interviews, visual analysis, surveys, etc.*
*Requirements 1 and 2 may be negotiated in your context analysis proposal if your topic is more amenable to library research and/or qualitative research.