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Assignment: 99-00
Education Inquiry Assignment

For this paper, we'll be turning our critical eye on culture from media to institutions, specifically education as a cultural institution. Rather than respond or analyze this time, this paper will ask you to define a debatable issue about education and argue for specific position or opinion on the issue. Topic choice is wide-ranging as long as the issue deals in some way with an education topic and is clearly an issue others might disagree with (e.g. what makes a good teacher; the role of multiculturalism in courses; whether education is sexist; the "hidden" curriculum of a particular major; whether grades should be used; whether schools falsely advertise education; why a certain course should be required of all students; whether "non-teacher" courses really offer an educational alternative; etc.). The best topics, as always, will be ones you are personally invested in somehow either through personal experience or having a particularly strong opinion about the issue after researching it.

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