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Unit Three, Day 28 - Thursday

Class Goals: Introduce MLA format and "Works Cited" form. Prewriting workshop on support and development.

Connection to Course Goals: Teaches the role (and one method) of citation for scholarly work, which they will be expected to know in their courses throughout their years at the university. Emphasizes the role of planning and feedback at all points in the writing process.


  1. Miniworkshop. Create a workshop activity where they look at each otherís summaries and intended audience to help writer begin to anticipate the types of support and proof they will need (eg. You might ask a student to write what they expect to see in the paper based on the summary).
  2. Discuss main points from PHG, including punctuation, quotes, etc.
  3. You want to find a way to have them learn the form or at least to be able to look up how to cite their particular sources. Take class time to do the format for the sources they have brought in.

Assignment: Complete your research. Write a full draft of the EIP and bring it to class.