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Unit Three, Day 22 - Thursday

Class Goals: Evaluation of sources. Introduce SEA. Discuss perspectives of Tannen and Sadker/Sadker.

Connection to Course Goals: Importance of context in forming positions on an issue.


  1. Class discussion to get to main points of Sadker and Sadker:
  1. Main points of Tannen (Steve has a great activity for groups: Each group is given a question to discuss and support their answer to, such as whether they find that women do speak less in this class, in other classes, in previous classes they have attended . . .)
  2. Analyze the authors’ positions and why they believe what they do. How would different audiences react to these essays? Come up with some examples, such as administrators at a women’s college. (Refer to homeworks and continue with questions about bias based on their source evaluation.)
  3. Transition to new activity:

  4. Introduce SEA. Group activity. Using the guidelines they read in EW, groups should practice selecting a topic/issue (based on the readings), "finding" sources (using the readings), and evaluating those sources (Gatto, Anyon, "Intro", "Report . . . ").

CSOW: How does this allow them to practice what they will need to do for the annotation they will be doing?

  1. Discuss main points of evaluating sources in PHG, especially regarding internet sites. Highlight any of the databases in the library that may be of particular use to them.
  2. Hand out assignment sheet for source evaluation and go over it. They’ll do for this assignment basically what was just modeled and practiced in the group activity

CSOW: If there is extra time: Connect this to their purposes in writing the CAP and later in their essay.

Assignment: Read Cheney, RA, 363 and Ehrenreich, PHG. Also Roszak (RA 277) and Postman (PHG).