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Unit Three, Day 21 - Tuesday

The goal of this section is to prepare students for the CAP assignment. Through the following days, we want them to be able to:

Class Goals: Categorizing the readings as positions/perspectives that can be taken on a given issue.

Connection to Curse Goals: Focus on synthesis and getting to know the "conversation" in a particular discourse commmunity.


  1. Collect CMA.
  2. WTL: Have students list all the things they hate about education, things in school they thought were unfair, things that confused them AND/OR have them list questions they have always had about why education does X. . .
  3. Discussion List all the topics on the board, encouraging students to share their experiences and opinions on each topic/question that comes up. This should be a free-flowing discussion where experiences and opinions are openly shared; feel free to add your own.
  4. Forming Research Questions. Once they have a full list, ask them to reframe each topic (or as many as you can get to) in terms of a question that could be researched. Encourage them to write all of these down since they may be good paper topics.
  5. Discussion (group or classwide) of main points in Gatto and Anyon to bring out new issues you can add to the list on the board:



  1. Compare Gatto's ideas with Anyon's for similarities and differences. CSOW: They are discovering gradations of difference between positions that are more complex than "for" or "against" something.
  2. Discuss implications of these points and the assumptions they present about the purpose of school in the U. S.

Assignment: Read Tannen in PHG and Sadker and Sadker in RA (228) and write a brief source evaluation for each according to the guideline on p. 547 PHG. Read "Collecting" and "Evaluating Sources for Research Papers" in PHG