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Unit Three, Day 43 - Monday

Class Goals: To teach the use of Toulmin analysis to self-check use of support in their own essays, as well as to analyze the arguments in any essays they encounter.

Connection to Course Goals: Revision and self-critique.


Using the following information on Toulmin analysis (you can also see more on the Online Writing Center), devise a workshop for them:

  1. Have the class define: a claim, support, and a reason. This seems intuitive, but often students confuse reasons with support.
  2. Examples of a better definition of these, which they will need to use throughout their essays. Claims are always tied to reasons and support.

The Popeís words alone will not sway someone who does not see him as an important authority.

Without this support, it is harder to support why I think slaughterhouses are vicious.

  1. Have them read the article in the appendix and underline claims as they read. Then they should compile a list with one entry for each claim:
  2. claim 1:

    support 1:

    reason 1:


    claim 2:

    support 2:

    reason 2:

  3. Workshop their essay using these analytical strategies.

Assignment: Complete the EIP to hand in its portfolio for Wednesday. Find a previous assignment that you would like to revise and bring that in as well.