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Unit Three, Day 39 - Friday

Class Goals: Understand logical fallacies in arguing through analysis of George will essay (see appendix). They will, obviously, want to avoid these in their own essays, and to be able to detect them in their sources.

Connection to Course Goals: Provides another valuable tool for critical reading and evaluating sources in the ability to identify logical fallacies.


1. Clarify fallacies (pairs could be asked to come up with examples).

2. Have them do something similar to yesterday’s activity with the goal of being able to identify how even "smart" arguments can have some illogical points beneath the slick surface.

3. CSOW/WTL: What fallacies might they be open to, given their topics and position? How can they avoid them?

Assignment: Read "Shaping" in PHG. Write a summary of your position and identify your intended audience for your essay.