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Unit Three, Day 37 - Monday

The following last weeks of the course should concentrate on getting them through preparing, drafting, and revising their EIP essays. Here are some goals to keep in mind:

  • Often students get frustrated when they feel they have focused their essay. For example, s/he may have spent days discerning that they want to focus on "standardized testing", which is certainly narrowing things down from the vast field of topics they could discuss. But they still want to refine this a bit more, by narrowing the topic to "standardized testing at the secondary level", for example.
  • Class Goals: Introduce strategies and requirements for the Educational Issues Paper.

    Connection to Course Goals: Shows how to define claims and evaluating the efficacy of claims they will encounter as critical readers.


    1. Collect CAP.
    2. Discussion of different types of claims to clarify definitions.
    3. WTL: Have each student write down what claims they will be making in their EIP.
    4. Group activity.
    1. Have groups identify the types of claims they see on each personís list of their claims. Most likely they will see a confusing variety.
    2. The group then helps each writer to narrow down the types of claims that would be most effective given their audience, purpose, focus . . .
    3. After each personís claims have been evaluated, have the group help each other decide what evidence will be needed to support each claim.

    CSOW: They are then moving into the important activity of developing their argument, which will be the focus of the next few classes.

    Extra: The PHG is set up to focus on different types of claims in different chapters:

    Type of claim










    Assignment: Read in PHG about appeals and support.