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Unit Three, Day 36 - Friday

Class Goals: Practicing what they will need to do for the CAP - identifying perspectives, differences between positions, the contexts informing one’s adopting a particular position.

Connection to Course Goals: Continues with context and begins synthesizing viewpoints and information.


  1. Class brainstorming of a list of issues in all the readings that they brought up for homework.
  2. Group activity. Using a grid like the sample in the back, have each group fill out the authors’ positions on one given issue (eg. One group will do "multiculturalism", another will do "single-sex classrooms", etc.). They’ll also want to be aware of what audiences are concerned. Draw up an OH or handouts to present the questions you want them to answer.
  3. Groups present their findings. Keep track of them on the board and encourage the class to fill in the grid with the groups’ ideas.
  4. Class discussion. Which audiences would be concerned with each issue? For example, who would be concerned about multicultural teaching ("ethnic" Americans might support it, conservative teachers and administrators might believe we should teach only classic works of great Western thought . . .)

If you only get through one issue, that’s okay. CSOW: Remind them that this is the process they will take in mapping out the issues/perspectives they have collected for the CAP, due Monday.

Assignment: Finish CAP and read in PHG about claims.