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Unit Three, Day 35 - Wednesday

Class Goals: Groups present their essays on the subject of the purpose of education in order to show (1) the variety of perspectives that can be taken on any issue and (2) the reasons why a person or group would hold a particular position and how best to address these concerns.

Connection to Course Goals: Continuing study of variety of positions on an issue and the contexts informing those positions.


  1. Groups organize a presentation of the material they have read collectively to present to those groups who have not yet read the article. (15 min.)
  2. Groups present their article to the class to share all of the information/perspectives. (20 min.)
  3. Class discussion of reasons why each author would hold his/her particular position.

Develop some questions for the groups to get them to consider why each author’s situation would lead them to hold a particular view. These positions could be dictated by:

CSOW: This is what they will do in the CAP.

Assignment: Bring in everyone’s article and annotations for Friday. Read them all and start a list of issues you see covered in the readings and listings.