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Unit Three, Day 34 - Monday

Class Goals: Defining issues.

Connection to course goals: Ability to define a variety of issues within one larger "topic" and the variety of positions one can take on those issues.


  1. Collect annotations. Copy and distribute them to the class before Friday.
  2. Discussion of main points of Roszak and Postman. Be sure to highlight what they focus their discussion on to get to the issues.

Main points of Roszak:

Main points of Postman:

Gather for your discussion

Connections between Roszak and Postman:

CSOW: Postman quotes a writer who believes that "modern technologies have rendered schools entirely irrelevant since there is so much more information outside the classroom than inside it." This is why we study critical reading and evaluation, so that we can learn to discriminate between those ideas that are useful and those that are not. As Postman describes with his "little Eva" example, itís not a lack of information that troubles us, but what to do with all of the information we are constantly taking in. We need to do this not just in writing arguing essays, but throughout our lives as ideas/ solutions are presented to us.

  1. Field sources from PHG.
  1. Introduce CAP.

Assignment: Read your groupís article (it may be on reserve in Morgan Library) and be prepared to summarize it for people who have never read it.