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Unit Three, Day 32 - Wednesday

Class Goals: Evaluation of sources.

Connection to Course Goals: Importance of context in forming positions on an issue.


  1. Class discussion to get to main points of Sadker and Sadker:
  1. Main points of Tannen (Steve has a great activity for groups: Each group is given a question to discuss and support their answer to, such as whether they find that women do speak less in this class, in other classes, in previous classes they have attended . . .)
  2. Analyze the authors’ positions and why they believe what they do. How would different audiences react to these essays? Come up with some examples, such as administrators at a women’s college.

CSOW: If there is extra time: Connect this to their purposes in writing the CAP and later in their essay.

Assignment: Read Cheney, RA, 363

Ehrenreich, PHG