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Unit Three, Day 31 - Monday

The goal of this section is to prepare students for the CAP assignment. Through the following days, we want them to be able to:

Class Goals: Evaluation of sources and why we evaluate them. Introduce annotation assignment. Consider the connection to critical reading and their writing.

Connection to Curse Goals: Understanding context and its influence on the topic and a writer’s position.


  1. Group activity. Using the guidelines they read in EW, groups should practice selecting a topic/issue (based on the readings), "finding" sources (using the readings), and evaluating those sources (Gatto, Anyon, "Intro", "Report . . . ").

CSOW: How does this allow them to practice what they will need to do for the annotation they will be doing?

  1. Discuss main points of evaluating sources in PHG, especially regarding internet sites. Highlight any of the databases in the library that may be of particular use to them.
  2. Hand out assignment sheet for source evaluation and go over it. They’ll do for this assignment basically what was just modeled and practiced in the group activity.

Assignment: Read Tannen in PHG and Sadker and Sadker in RA (228) and write a brief source evaluation for each.