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Tues. Week 7

Discuss relationship of t.v. to culture; introduce paper #3; Discuss Katz and Douglas

Academic Response due

Read: hooks, RA, p. 483-90; Blue and Naden, RA, p. 314-20.

Write: A one-page response to Exploring Connections" question #4 in RA (p. 490)

Thurs. Week 7

Discuss hooks in terms of reproduction; In-class analysis of Blue and Naden and Rockwell

Read: Gray, RA p. 71-81; Rapping, "Roseanne" (library reserve) and "explaining" PHG.

Write: Choose a Sunday comic or an advertisement and write a one-page analysis of a specific cultural value reinforced in it. Attach ad/comic to analysis.

Tues. Week 8

Discuss problems/difficulties with analysis; Discuss Gray and Rapping in terms of resistance and reproduction; focus exercise and generating method for analysis.

Write: A one-page topic proposal describing the show you want to do for your paper and listing possible foci for analysis. Read "Explaining" in PHG, pp. 263-70.

Thurs. Week 8

Cause-effect analysis/

development; In-class TV analysis; Topic Proposal due.

Read: re-read Soto, RA, p. 42-47; Williams, RA; Lewis, PHG, p.157-59.

Write: A one-page response comparing and contrasting the effect media had on Soto v. Lewis.

Tues. Week 9

Soto and Lewis - discussing effect; Williams

Bring to your conference: a tentative thesis statement and outline of your paper - if you are not this far, a list of ideas and examples will do

Thurs. Week 9

Class cancelled - conferences in my office

Read "Leads" in PHG and three student essays (You will receive these at your conference - remind your instructor!)


Tues. Week 10

Discuss development, organization, and leads as response to audience; Analyze samples for response to context and audience

Write: As full a draft as possible of your critical media analysis. Bring two copies to class.

Thurs. Week 10

Peer Response Workshop

Revise draft to final form. Read in RA "Intro to Education Chapter" and "Report from. . . "