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Unit Two, Day 20 - Thursday

Class Goal: Critical reading of student writing as a way of learning to be a better reader of studentsí own texts; further emphasis on audience and "so what" questions when constructing an essay.

Connection to Course Goals: Writing as choice based on purpose and audience; writing as a series of revisions where writer must learn to read for their own weaknesses.


  1. Workshop CMA (see Appendix).

2. Introduce Unit III:

List for students (or with them) all the reading/writing skills they have learned up until this point:

This next paper will ask them to use all of these skills. In particular, the most difficult part of this assignment is that they will have to conduct research in order to define their own context, purpose, and audience for writing.

3. Introduce Educational Inquiry Assignment

Highlight various aspects you think are important for students. Emphasize the need to focus on a particular issue. Explain sequence that will follow : ie. why we are reading and researching for half of this unit before they begin writing their own papers. (why: because educated argumentation precedes with investigation and inquiry into topic and context to provide a "reasoned" response to the issue). Remind them that it is better to hold off on forming an opinion until they become versed in the issue. (5 min.)

Assignment: Read Gatto (166) and Anyon (186). Finish CMA.