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Unit Two, Day 14 - Thursday

Class Goal: To reinforce ways of analyzing for cultural reproduction and function, and to begin considering the purpose, audience, and exigence of media analyses.

Connection to Course Goal: Ways of critically reading media; using reading as a way of generating ideas, analyses, and intended effect with audience

(1) Review of reproduction issues: Use the beginning of class to connect the discussion on Wednesday to today’s class, which focuses again on reproduction issues. (5 min.)

Transition: Let’s look more specifically at how and why hooks makes her point.

(2) Discussion of hooks on Cultural Reproduction Lead a large group discussion of hooks, focusing on (1) how rap/piano reproduces cultural values, (2) how she proves her point, and (3) the cultural function rap serves for those who listen to it. (i.e. the same focus as Wed’s class to drive home` the issue). Some possible discussion questions: (15 min.) [Warning: Students sometimes have a strong reaction to hooks: try to keep them on the task of analyzing the essay first, before offering agree/disagree commentary.]

(3) Discussion of hooks on context/ "so what?": After discussing the content, turn students’ attention of issues of exigence (i.e. the so what) of the piece with the following questions: (5 min)

(4) Discussion of the "So What" factor In this discussion, try to get students to see how media analyses fit into a context for writing--i.e. why they are written and why readers might care--in order to generate a list of criteria for creating their own thesis statements for such a text. (10 min.)

--Given the three readings they’ve looked at, have students generate a list of why people might write these kinds of media analyses and why people read them. (List on board)

--WRITE TO LEARN: In light of this list, ask students to write down a list of questions they should think about when creating their own theses.

--Share and write on board. Add questions of your own if they do not come up with everything you want covered here (e.g. a reason for explaining such as revealing a hidden meaning; an audience that might care and providing reasons why they should care; a clear focus on one aspect of the piece of media like gender norms, etc.)

(5) In-class Analysis (15 min.)

--Directions: Break class up into 4 groups. Ask them to create a thesis for a cultural analysis of the Naden and Blue essay (an excerpt from a book written for young adolescents) which answers the questions you just listed on the board. When finished, have them write both the thesis and examples on the board to share.

--Discussion: Go through each thesis if time (if not, pick one to focus on) and ask students if it meets their criteria. If not, revise it as a class until it does. (do not take a simple "yes" for an answer here; ask them to explain why/how the thesis answers each question on the board).

  1. Mini-Analysis with Norman Rockwell (10 min.) Examine the picture of the family tree on p. 22 of RRA and ask students to discuss what cultural values, myths, and assumptions the picture is reproducing. Possible discussion questions:

**If you have time, move onto the next two pictures, considering not only the visual effect but the titles as well.

(7) Homework: Remind students to read Gray and Rapping for Monday and write their own analysis of an ad/comic strip. Be sure to emphasize that Rapping is on closed reserve in the library so they need to plan ahead to get a copy or read it; if they wait until Sunday night their classmates will most likely have it checked out).