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Mon.Week One

Introduce one another and course through use of the cheesy but effective "get-to-know-me!" grid.

Go over syllabus and policy briefly.

Read in PHG "Writing Myths and Rituals"; RA Introduction pp1-15, and the poem by Hernandez-Avila, pp. 216-18. Write a brief response to the poem (Did you like it? Why or why not? What do you think it's about?)

Wed. Week One

Myths and rituals -- why study culture -- reading for meaning/active reading

Class activity: intro to cultural analysis through interview activity. Prereading and reading from a position.

Read in PHG "Purpose and Audience" 20-6, "Remembering" 100-6, "Writing Process", 124-33. Write about your definition of "success" and the "American dream."

Fri. Week One

Introduction to workshopping using homework and "Peer Response", p. 133 in PHG. Discuss their responses to first homework assignment and purpose and context in writing.

Read in PHG "Techniques for reading: Summary and Response", 147-58; in RA , "Introduction to `Money and Success' Chapter" (304-6) the Soto essay and write a one-page summary following the guidelines in PHG.

Mon. Week Two

Discussion of Soto and what must be in a good Soto response (IDEAS, not EVENTS)

Read in RA Terkel and summarize the main ideas

Wed. Week Two

Introduce Personal Reflective Response assignment. Discuss Terkel and possible responses

Read in RA Nelson and respond briefly (one page)

Fri. Week Two

Discussion of Nelson -- group work on responses and support in the form of personal evidence

Read Dalton and respond briefly, concentrating on what in your experience has led you to respond this way. Also, in the interest of critical reading, keep a list of any words or phrases you do not know the meaning of

Mon. Week Three

Discuss Dalton and revision techniques (see PHG pp. )

Read sample PRR essay and answer the sample workshop sheet questions. Choose which homework essay you want to turn into the PRR.



Wed. Week Three

Use sample to generate criteria for a good PRR and model workshop techniques -- mini-workshop if time

Write draft of essay assignment and bring in two copies

Fri. Week Three

Workshop of drafts.

Revise draft.

PRR due Mon.

Mon. Week Four

PRR due. Introduction to academic response and the ARE Assignment.

Read Mantsios. Write: practice a brief response

Wed. Week Four

Discuss Mantsios, focusing on support and development

Read Barlett and Steele and write a brief response.

Fri. Week Four

Discuss Barlett and Steele, focusing on organization; backwards outline

Read Chang and write a brief response.

Mon. Week Five

Discuss Chang in relation to purpose and audience

Read Pincus and write a brief response

Wed. Week Five

Discuss Pincus and using other texts as support

Bring in three copies of each of your homework summary/responses for peer review

Fri. Week Five

Groups look at homeworks for each person and decide which would make a good ARE and why -- generate workshop sheet based on assignment

Look at sample and evaluate in terms of the criteria generated in class today.

Mon Week Six

"Workshop" of sample and reinforcement of criteria for effective ARE

Write a draft of your ARE.

Wed Week Six

Organization workshop -- backwards outline

Revise as necessary

Fri. Week Six

Development/support workshop

Revise as necessary. Academic Response Essay due Monday.