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Unit One, Day 9 - Friday

Class Goals: To have each student receive feedback and suggestions for revision of their essay from two other workshop partners.

Connection to Goals of Course: Helps them to develop the skills they'll need to evaluate and critique their own drafts when they write in other classes and elsewhere. Peer reviews also help beginning writers, who often find it difficult to imagine an audience's reaction to their writing. With practice over the course of the semester, they should get better at predicting their writing's reception.


  1. WTL or discussion: After drafting, what questions, if any, came up about the assignment and expectations? Address these questions, having the class answer them for each other as much as possible. (10 min.)
  2. Break into groups of 3-4 for workshop and hand out workshop sheets. See appendix for workshop sheet. (35 min.)
  3. Rehearse what goes in the portfolio and entertain any final questions about the assignment.

Assignment: Revise drafts for Monday.