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Unit One, Day 8 - Wednesday

Class Goals: Practice workshop on a sample to (1) model how they will workshop their peers' essays on Friday and (2) reinforce the goals/criteria of the PRR Essay.

Connection to Goals of Course: Reinforces skills and techniques for writing an effective summary and response; shows how to critique an essay effectively and what to look for when evaluating one's own drafts in order to move toward the goal of creating more self-sufficient writers who can evaluate their own texts for revision.


  1. WTL -- In your own words, explain the Personal Reflective Response assignment to a friend outside of this class.(You've just defined a specific audience and purpose for them). (5 min.)
  2. Ask for and list their answers (or have a student do this) on the board or on an OH. Then have them pull out their assignment sheets.

Then try to cluster their answers into general categories, such as

(10 min.)

  1. WTL What fears do you have about peer review workshops? (5 min.)
  2. Discuss their WTLs and "Friendly Critiquing" (handout -- see appendix). (5 min.)
  3. Break into groups of 3-4 to evaluate the sample essay in terms of the criteria they just generated. Have an OH directing them to look for things like:
  4. Does it fulfill each of the criteria?

    Find examples for what "works" and what doesn't.

    (Be sure to read it yourself and have your own critique and suggestions. They'll also want to know what sort of grade you would give it).

    (15 min.)

  5. Have someone from each group report their answers and log on the board. Discuss any discrepancies they may have between groups (eg., one thought that it had fabulous use of evidence and another thought it was virtually unsupported). (10 min.)
  6. Ask for last-minute questions they have before drafting and reinforce any important points. (5 min.)
  7. Hand out the actual grading criteria you have devised.

Assignment: Bring in two copies of a draft of your essay.

If you have extra time: Have them trade their chosen homework drafts they want to work into the PRR and pass it to a partner to make suggestions for revision in terms of criteria for the PRR.