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Unit One, Day 6 - Friday

Class Goals: Get main ideas and rehearse response to Nelson. Reinforces and develops skills in both summary and response.

Connection to Course Goals: Further reinforcement for the need to support and illustrate one's ideas in response (and summary) within this rhetorical context.


  1. WTL a summary of Nelson. (They can do this as a list or a paragraph or two, depending on how much time you want to allot.) (10 min.)
  2. Share summaries as a class discussion. Put main points on board or OH, or you may want to delegate a student to do this to get them more involved. (You could pick someone who is reluctant to talk, or who you feel needs to be "pulled into the fold" a bit).

(See grey-edged page 55 for suggestions of main ideas.)

Main ideas:

Father's ill-defined "number one"/definition of success reveals our cultures' conflicting definitions of success.

Metaphoric significance of idea that "father's symbol for number one was. . . the sign for `fuck you'" (para. 9) and "Sunday breakfast" as "church" (paras. 9-10)

Discussion questions:

Have them turn to the class compilation of people who they think exemplify the American dream.

(30 min.)

  1. Begin to generate this response by putting on board two headings: AGREE With THEIR DECISION and DISAGREE. Solicit reactions and put them in the appropriate columns.

Remember to ask for support:

(10 min.)

Assignment: Read Dalton and respond briefly.

If you have extra time:

Comparison of experiences. Begin comparing Nelson's to Cruz's, then theirs to Nelson's.

Nelson/Cruz: both quit lucrative jobs for issues of personal integrity; like Cruz, Nelson's parents were "allowed to make it" because of a "quota system" (para. 19); both Cruz and Nelson resist being turned against other people of color (Nelson's father reminds her "`What we have, we have because 100,000 other black people haven't made it.'")

Discussion questions:

Questions for discussion or WTL: