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Unit One, Day 16 - Monday

Class Goal: Develop criteria for evaluating their own essays by looking at a sample.

Connection to Course Goals: Develops skills in evaluating their own writing.


Using the ARE Sample Workshop Sheet in the Appendix, have them fill out the workshop sheet first by themselves, then divide into groups and compare their responses. Together, using the criteria from the ARE assignment sheet, they should evaluate the essay in terms of each criterion (for example, a "strong" in focus and a "weak" in development.

As a class, compare everyone’s evaluation of the essay and discuss reasons for any discrepancies. Have in mind what you think of the essay, even what grade you would give it, because they will ask.

Remind them that this is exactly how you will evaluating their essays.

WTL: Based on what came about in the sample workshop, what will you do to revise your essay for the next workshop?

If you have extra time: Have a large class discussion regarding a second sample essay.