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Unit One, Day 11 - Wednesday

Class Goals: Discuss essay and practice a response that evaluates the implications of or assumptions behind author's argument.

Connection to Goals of Course: Critical analysis of effectiveness of a text through the assumptions that inform the author's position; it underscores the types of choices an author makes in presenting material to a given audience as well.


Note: Grey pages in RA 50-1 have discussion ideas.

  1. WTL: Did you find Mantsios' use of evidence effective?
  2. a) If yes, why? Remember to use examples to illustrate your points. What pieces of evidence were most convincing and why?

    b) If no, why not? Use evidence to show what didn't work and explain why.

    (10 min.)

  3. Discussion of Mantsios essay and responses.

a)Begin with summary points from their homework. Put on board.

(in the intro paragraphs -- look to Mantsios' intro)

"Our national consciousness, as shaped in large

part by the media and our political leadership,

provides us with a picture of ourselves as a nation

of prosperity and opportunity with an ever-expanding

middle class lifestyle"?

"our class differences are muted and our collective

character is homogenized"

b)Responses to Mantsios:

c) Have them turn to their WTLs.

On board or an OH, put up two lists:


Have them respond as a class or in small groups (based on who thought it was effective and who didn't). Generate lists of their answers on board/OH of why it was or was not effective.

Transition: Note any commonalities you see in their criteria for effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Note and discuss if any reasons for ineffectiveness seem to fall into the categories of things they said they should avoid in academic responses.

Assignment: Read Bartlett & Steele and write a brief academic response with the focus of your choice from the types on assignment sheet and in The PHG.