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Unit One, Day 10 - Monday

Class Goals: Begin shift from more personal response to academic one. Rehearse principles of summary through a look at main points in Dalton essay and practice response to it.

Connection to Goals of Course: Continues to have them develop awareness of their purpose, context, and audience as writers in a given rhetorical situation by further specifying the situation to focus on textual rather than personal evidence.


  1. Collect portfolios.
  2. Introduce shift from more reflective, personal response to academic response.

Put on board or OH and ask:

After discussing these, you can further analyze these definitions by considering:

Transition: Here is how composition specialist Peter Elbow defines the transition from personal to academic writing:

  1. Discussion of Elbow's definitions on the OH. Highlight the aspects that you think are most important and want them to remember. See appendix for this. (5 min.)
  2. WTL: Given the previous discussion and Elbow's ideas, how would you revise your PRR essay for this new context? (10 min.)
  3. Discussion of responses to the WTL activity. Highlight ways you think they could make this transition. (It would be helpful if you could create an OH for them with some of the things you saw in their homework that they will want to avoid now, such as gross generalizations. . .) (5 min.)
  4. Hand out and introduce the ARE assignment sheet. Have them read sections aloud or go over it yourself. Either way, think ahead of time what you want to highlight.
  5. Transition: To show how this works, they'll test out this new criteria for responding to an essay they have responded to before, the Dalton essay. ( 5 min.)

  6. Have them turn to the Dalton essay and keep a copy of the assignment sheet with them. (It would be a good idea to make an OH of it). They are going to practice one type of academic response, analyzing the effectiveness of a text in terms of its use of support.

WTL on the following questions, keeping in mind the criteria you have just discussed and have on the OH above:

(10 min.)

  1. Discuss their responses by having them share with the class. Help them to see where support is needed for their responses and to avoid "knee-jerk" responses to an idea they find alien.

Assignment: Read Mantsios and list main points that would go in a summary of it.