Grading Criteria

An "A" Paper...summarizes the original essay as needed to introduce and respond to it: Concisely, accurately, and objectively reports relevant ideas; cites author and title; uses frequent "author tags"; quotes key terms, phrases; paraphrases main points accurately. An "A" paper focuses primarily on responding to the essay. It uses analyzing, agreeing/disagreeing, and/or interpreting/reflecting. It is developed using personal experience, textual evidence, and possibly other texts (considering the context of the essay). It is written to an academic audience, in a clear, readable style, avoiding errors in grammar, mechanics, and spelling. It demonstrates a clear understanding of the essay and the issues it addresses. It supports and explains the response so that the reader understands and can reasonably accept the writer's thoughts/feelings/analysis of the essay. Finally, it focuses on an overall claim, point, or impression about the essay.

A "B" Paper...generally meets criteria for an "A" but is slightly weaker in focus OR development OR style. These papers will

A "C" Paper...has a significant, noticeable weakness in any one of the following areas: understanding or portrayal of the original article; focus; development; style. Problems that "C" papers have may include:

A "D" Paper...has a summary which shows that the writer does not understand the essay and/or the process of summarizing and responding. The response is typically unfocused and/or lacks support. Papers with serious, repeated style problems which interfere with communication will receive a "D."

An "F" Paper...does not respond to the assignment.