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Class Plan -- Unit Three, Day 29
Goals Assignment:
Final Arguing Essay with all process materials and postscript questions (See Appendix for postscript questions). [Perhaps give students a checklist with the actual items that you will be looking for in their folders, and definitely remind them to bring a copy of their Arguing Essays to the final exam.] YOU CAN HAVE STUDENTS TURN IN THEIR ESSAYS DURING FINAL EXAM PERIOD, OR IF YOU PREFER, YOU CAN HAVE THEM TURN THEM IN AT THE BEGINNING OF EXAM WEEK. THEY SHOULD DEFINITELY BE GIVEN THE WEEKEND FOR REVISION, THOUGH.

Discuss Final Exam Assignment.Answer any questions students have about the final exam, then collect their lists of three possible audiences. As they are workshopping, check the lists to make sure that they make enough sense to you that you can assign them an alternative audience in the final exam period. Also take a few minutes to respond to student questions about the final draft of their Arguing Essays, being sure to comment on how (and where!) you would like for them to turn in their folders.

Workshop and Revision. Make sure students discuss the workshop comments in pairs, then either 1) give them the rest of the period to begin revising and/or to ask you any questions they have; or 2) give them a second workshop to do, made up of questions dealing with areas you think they need to spend some extra time working on. Make yourself available for questions during this class period.

Course Evaluations Set aside about 20 minutes at the end of class for students to fill out their course evaluations.