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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 15

Assignment for Day 16
Based on your partner's responses from today's workshop, revise your essay for the second workshop (final draft editing workshop) next class. You will be handing your essay in at the end of class. Bring it in a folder with collecting, drafts, etc. [Again, you might prepare a checklist to hand out on this day, so that students know exactly what process materials they are expected to turn in along with their essays.] Also bring your PHG for use in this workshop, and review the comments on your Response Essay to see what grammar and style errors you made. REMIND STUDENTS THAT CLASS IS CANCELLED NEXT TIME FOR ENGLISH DEPARTMENT READING DAYS.

Related Handouts

Progress Report on Drafting. Spend some time determining what problems students are having in drafting so far. Encourage students to offer advice to one another (in addition to the advice you offer them). If there seems to be complete panic about this essay in your class, you might pass around a page with time slots for optional conferences with you. However, you should do this only if you are willing to schedule time outside of office hours. Remember that the Reading Days are meant to be a break for you as well as for your students.

Inquiry Essay Workshop - Hand out workshop sheet (see Appendix 16 for example). Ask students to read the directions carefully, fill out the "Writer" section, then exchange the sheet along with their essays. It is a good idea to reiterate some of the points you emphasized when you introduced peer review with the last essay, but be sure to avoid taking up too much time in explanation. They need as much time as possible to review one another's essays this time.

Remind students to reserve at least 10-15 minutes at the end of class for discussion, and make yourself available for any questions that might arise during workshop.