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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 14


Assignment for Day 15
Assignment: Revise Response Essay to hand in. Bring it in a folder with collecting, drafts, etc. [It's often a good idea to prepare a checklist to hand out on this day, so that they know what exactly they are expected to turn in along with their essays.] Write postscript to Response Essay (for specifics on what is expected in this postscript, see Assignment Sheet).

Related Handouts

Discuss Paraphrasing Do's and Don'ts Handout - Using the handout (in Appendix 11, Appendix 12, or something similar of your own making) be sure to talk about both the characteristics of good paraphrasing and quoting, and the pitfalls that students are likely to fall into as they use their sources. A few of these pitfalls I've noticed in my experience are: paraphrasing that is too close to the original text (technically, plagiarism), use of quotes that are too lengthy and non-specific, the tendency to let quotes "speak for themselves" without the writer's own interpretation and connection to surrounding sentences, and the "floating quote" phenomenon, where students repeatedly use quotes without author tags or introductions that would provide some sense of coherence and context in their use of sources.

You might also want to show some examples (using the handout or something similar) of using partial quotes (incorporated into the writer's own sentence) and of edited quotes. Note that these are both somewhat more "sophisticated" ways of quoting their sources.

You might refer students to the sections of the Writing Center called "Paraphrasing from a Source" and "Quoting from a Source" (under "Working with Sources" in the "Reference Materials" section of the Writing Center) if they would like additional information on what is involved in paraphrasing and quoting.

Paraphrasing and Quoting Mini-Workshop - [Reserve about 20 minutes for this.] Have students exchange their essays with new workshop partners, noting places that could use more development, where paraphrases could be used instead of quotes, and where either paraphrasing or quoting could be improved. Put some questions for workshop on OH. Here are some ideas of questions you could use--In the margins of your partner's essay, indicate the following: