Appendix 35: Postscript: Arguing Essay

  1. One more time, who is your intended audience for this essay? Give a short description of this audience.
  2. Describe how your beliefs about your subject changed from the time you decided to write on this topic until you revised your essay. What caused the change in your views?
  3. What opposing argument was most difficult to counter? Explain how you handled it.
  4. Which was your strongest argument/reason? Did you use logical appeals and evidence to support this, or did you rely more on appeals to character or emotion? Explain.
  5. How did your writing process for the Arguing Essay change from previous essays? What steps or stages took longer? What stages did you have to go back and rework?
  6. What (generally speaking) could you say that the Arguing Essay has taught you about academic writing? In other words, what did you learn that you will need to do when writing academic papers?
  7. On the first day of class, I asked you what kind of goals you had for yourself as a writer. Which of those goals have you met, here at the end of CO150? Have any of these goals changed? What new goals have you set for yourself as a writer now that you are moving on from CO150?