Appendix 32: MLA In-text Documentation: Scavenger Hunt

For the answers to these questions, see PHG, 557-9.

  1. In general, what goes inside the parentheses when you cite a source?
  2. If you use the author's name in your text, what do you put in the parentheses?
  3. Where in the sentence do the parentheses go?
  4. Does the sentence punctuation (the period) go before or after the parentheses?
  5. If you are citing a quote, where do the end quotation marks go in relation to the parentheses and the period?
  6. How do you cite a quote of 4 or more lines? (Hint: See PHG 554.)
  7. How do you cite a source that doesn't have an author (an anonymous source)?
  8. How do you cite a source with two authors?
  9. How do you cite a source with three or more authors?
  10. If you have more than one source on your works cited list by the same author, what additional piece of information needs to go inside the parentheses so that your reader can tell which source you are citing?
  11. Which of the following need to be cited: a quote, a paraphrase, a fact, an idea, a statistic?
  12. If your source is from the Internet or the Web, what do you include in the parentheses?
  13. How do you cite a quote that comes from a source you don't have in front of you--a quote that one of your own sources uses? (In other words, a "second hand" quote.)