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Assignment #8 (for Monday, 2/8/99)

Reading--In PHG, 154-6, 182-4. (Pay particular attention to the section entitled "Agreeing/Disagreeing" on p. 183.) From the library reserve readings, Victor Villanueva's "Whose Voice Is It Anyway? Rodriguez's Speech in Retrospect," pp. 109-117.

  1. Annotate the Villanueva essay as you read, noting places where you agree and/or disagree with his points, as well as points which you are having trouble understanding;
  2. Answer (briefly) the following questions before you write your response to Villanueva: What is Villanueva's main point made in this essay? Do you agree or disagree with him on this main point? (This could easily lead to the start of your agree/disagree response.)
  3. Write a 1-2 page response (including a short, 1-2 paragraph summary) of Villanueva's essay. Bring a printed copy to class.