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Assignment #6 (for Wednesday, 2/3/99)

Reading--In PHG, pp. 145-53 (on reading and summarizing); from library reserve readings,
Rodriguez, "Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood" (98-108)

Writing--1. Annotate the Rodriguez essay using the model on p. 175 of PHG.
2. Answer briefly (on paper or on the web forum) the following questions about the Rodriguez essay before you write your summary: What is Rodriguez's position on bilingual education? (Does he support it, or does he oppose it?) How does he arrive at this position? By his own account, what has he lost and what has he gained in learning English the way he did? How does he feel about this loss/gain?
3. After you have annotated the essay and answered the above questions, write a 1-page summary of the essay on the web forum, your word processor, or on paper.