• Summarize the original article as necessary to introduce, focus, and develop your response to it; report what the author wrote as objectively as possible; use sufficient references to the author/article (tags). Quote key terms and phrases. Paraphrase accurately and concisely. [See PHG, pp. 180-181.]
  • Response to the article using one or more of the following techniques: analyzing the effectiveness of the text, agreeing and/or disagreeing with the ideas in the text, interpreting and reflecting on the text.
  • Focus your response by making an overall claim or point about the original article.
  • Develop your response with the following, as appropriate: personal experience, evidence from the text, evidence from other texts.
  • Organization, for help refer to outlines in PHG, pp. 184-185.
  • Edit to remove errors in spelling, grammar, and mechanics so that your paper is clear and readable.