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Class Plan -- Unit Three, Day 38
Goals Assignment for Day 39

Daily - Assign students to groups which will write an explanation of something for several different audiences. You can use the exercise in the PHG pp. 26-27.

Discuss how audience affects the content and form of writing - In your discussion, focus on why as well as what and how.

Introduce Unit III - The purpose of the Daily today is getting students to think about how context affects communication to prepare them to investigate that in more detail in the Unit III group project. Review the Overview and assignment sheets in preparing your introduction.

The most important things to include in your introduction include why this is the appropriate culminating activity in the course (it links to the contexts in which they will be communicating after the course, it applies what we've learned about language throughout the course) and the procedures for working with groups.

Give assignment handouts.

Form groups - You will have formed the groups using the surveys students gave you before Thanksgiving break.

The goal for today is for groups to exchange information: phThree numbers, the career or profession the group or each member is going to investigate, possible out of class meeting times.