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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 24
Goals Assignment for Day 25
Arguing paper due with all supporting materials in pocket folder. Don't forget to write the post script questions.

Revision lesson - Design a lesson on a key area that needs to be addressed in the final revision. You can base this on what you saw in conferences or you can choose an area that you feel hasn't been addressed sufficiently so far. One suggestion is to discuss revising to remove logical fallacies. You can assign the pages in the PHG, pp. 456-58 for today. You can design an activity that has students categorize the various fallacies based on what causes each fallacy. For instance some, such as hasty generalization, are caused by a lack of evidence. Others, such as ad populum are caused by excess appeal to emotion. Once students can recognize fallacies and their causes, they can know how to revise their work to avoid and remove them.

Peer review mini workshop - Have students review each other's drafts concentrating on the focus of your revision lesson.