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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 22
Goals Assignment for Day 23
Bring draft of Arguing essay (3-4 pages, minimum!) for peer review workshop.

Daily - Form a group of 3. Using the PHG, find the answers to the following questions about MLA in-text citation:

  1. In general, what goes in the parentheses?
  2. Where do the parentheses go?
  3. The sentence punctuation (the period) go before or after the parentheses?
  4. If you have more than one article on your works cited by an author, how do you cite these articles in the text so that your reader can tell which article you are citing?
  5. How do you cite a quote of 4 or more lines?
  6. How do you cite a source that doesn't have an author?
  7. How do you cite a source with more than one author?
  8. If you are citing a quote, where do the end quotation marks go in relation to the parentheses and the period?
  9. If you use the author's name in your text, what do you put in the parentheses?
  10. Which of the following need to be cited: a quote, a paraphrase, a fact, an idea, a statistic?
Discuss the Daily - Answer each of the questions. Talk about the following key aspects of in-text documentation. This is a good time to give the plagiarism and "cut and paste party" handouts. Refer to Appendix for handouts on plagiarism and "the cut and paste party" and MLA tips. Discuss reasons why we document (to give credit, to gain character appeal by being honest and through the authority of sources, so readers can find our sources, legal and ethical reasons, etc.)

Practice using sources - Have students write a frame (see PHG, p. 453) for a quote from one source and a paraphrase from the other. Walk around and check their progress. Encourage students to check and help each other.