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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 18
Goals Assignment for Day 19
Continue research.
Reading - Read about "Arguing," pp. 410-20 of PHG. Read and analyze sample argument (could be from one of the texts, a student sample, or one of your sources from your example case). Annotate for claim, types of evidence, assumptions, appeals, reasons. Bring materials collected so far and any collecting done for Arguing Proposal.

Writing - Have at least working claim/thesis written for your proposal.

Daily - Explain what factors you consider when choosing a college. Which of these was most important.

Discuss the Daily to identify criteria - Use students' answers to the daily to demonstrate to them what criteria are and how we use them in the process of evaluating (such as we do when making a decision or choice among options).

Connect to evaluating perspectives - Using your example, demonstrate how we develop criteria for evaluating a perspective and the process of evaluating and aligning with a particular perspective. You will want to refer to key features of an argument as you discuss this. For instance, because the criteria for why we choose a certain perspective is based on things such as evidence, values, assumptions, logic, appeals to logic, character, and emotion. Make connections between the elements of argumentation and the criteria for choosing a perspective wherever possible.

Have students get together in their groups and look at the perspectives they've identified. From this list, have them write about which one they individually align with and why. Have them work this into a list of criteria.

Collect Group Annotated Bibliography & Definition of Perspectives.

Hand out Arguing Proposal assignment sheet, if you have not already done so. You will have discussed the proposal assignment with students when you introduced Unit II, and you will have referred to at other times, so you just need to hand it out now and ask students to read it and bring questions to the next class.