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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 16
Goals Assignment for Day 17
Bring 5 sources for your group annotated bibliography. Have bibliography entries drafted for each of them. Be prepared to discuss the perspectives represented in the sources you bring. Bring PHG.

Daily - What is a bibliography? What is the purpose of a bibliography? Have you ever written an annotated bibliography? If so, please describe what you wrote it for and how it differs from a regular bibliography. AND/OR
What source is your article from? How did you find the article? Start with the index you used and explain the process from there.

Continue discussion of research - Begin by talking about the articles students brought. Include in your discussion the various periodical indexes they used and the others available. Review the various media in which periodicals are available and where to find them in the library. Talk about using popular versus scholarly and professional journals, evaluating sources, using the bibliography of a source, etc.

End by making a list of other kinds of sources, including edited collections, the Internet and Web, and field sources.

Explain the annotated bibliography - Drawing on students' Dailies, explain what an annotated bibliography is and how they are used. Remind students that this is a tool for organizing their research. For instance, when they want to find a particular source, they can read the summary on their ann bib. They will also use it in identifying perspectives.

Show a sample entry. Remind students that there is a sample with the assignment on the On-line Writing Center, as well as additional help with MLA documentation format.

Have students open their PHG to the section on MLA documentation. You might design an activity that has them figure out the basic rules of MLA works cited format or you can guide them through looking up the forms.

Use your annotated bibliography to show them how the entries get formatted on the final document. Emphasize spacing, indenting, alphabetizing. Remind students that the format is important because it helps the reader find his/her way around the bibliography.

Group work session - Have students join their groups. Put them to work making an annotated bibliography entry from the source they brought. While each person will be working on his/her own source, they should help each other.

Circulate to assist students and check understanding.