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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 35

Assignment for Day 36
Comment on the 3 drafts you collect today. Provide written marginal and summary comments.

Daily - Design a prompt to lead into the discussion of logical fallacies. Logical Fallacies - Design an activity that has students identify logical fallacies. You can give them a handout with various statements on it and have them identify which contain fallacies and what kind they are and/or why the statements are fallacious.

You can have them work on categorizing the types of fallacies. Which ones are based on a lack of evidence, for instance.

Or your activity can give them some example paragraphs that contain fallacies and ask them to correct them or to state what would need to be done to correct them.

In any case, we want students to be aware of common fallacies so they can point them out to their workshop partners.

Workshop exchange - Have students form groups to exchange drafts for the take-home workshop. Students should consider exchanging phone numbers in case their partner doesn't make it to class on Wed. to give them back their draft.