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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 33
Goals Assignment for Day 34
Reading - Read info on in-text doc and sample essay in PHG.

Writing - Prepare outline of essay for conference.

Daily - How well did classical arugment format work for you? What problems arose? What kind of claim do you have?

Discuss daily.

Pass out conference sign-up.

Discussion/Activity: using your claim to shape your essay - Design an activity/lesson that will show students how to "unpack" their claim in order to figure out what they need to prove in their argument. Show them how their claim suggests particular strategies. Point them to areas of the PHG that discuss shaping for such strategies, i.e. cause-effect in Explaining chapter, policy in Problem Solving chapter.

Two way to do this is to get volunteers to write their claim on the board and have the whole class discuss what claims are implied.