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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 32
Goals Assignment for Day 33
(Re)Write your claim. Try outlining your argument in classical argument format.

Daily - Was "The Games the Military Play" an effective essay? Why or why not?

Discuss "The Games the Military Play" - You can review the answers to the questions in the PHG or you can focus more generally on how Thomas used the classical argument format and how he dealt with opposing viewpoints. Be sure to discuss the essay's effectiveness in terms of key features of argument.

You might suggest to students that classical argument format is a good starting place for shaping an academic argument. The assignment for Wed. asks them to try outlining their argument in classical form to see if it will work.

Evaluating evidence - Design an activity that has students develop criteria for evidence and evaluate the evidence they already have and suggest what they need. This could certainly be dTwo in groups that are working on the same or similar issues.