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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 31
Goals Assignment for Day 32
Review the sources in your proposal. Make a list of the kinds of evidence each writer uses:

Reading - Read about shaping in the Arguing chapter of the PHG. Read in PHG: "Games the Military Play," pp. 468-72 and answer questions 2-5 on p. 473.

Daily - Write a prompt that prepares students for today's class. You may choose to base it on a concern that came up when you graded the proposals.

Discuss homework essay analysis - Use this discussion as an opportunity to check students' understanding of the key features and to connect to what they need to do in their papers.

Move the focus of your discussion to evidence - Talk about what kinds of evidence are used in the sample and what kinds of evidence we find most convincing. You will want to emphasize that the type of evidence that is most convincing depends upon context.

This is a good time to give the Finding Reasons and Evidence handout. Be sure to prepare students for their homework assignment.

Return Arguing Proposal Packets.