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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 23
Goals Assignment for Day 24
Search at least two periodical indexes. Find an article relevant to your group's issue. Bring a photocopy of the article to class.

Daily - Briefly describe the steps you take when you have to do research. What assignments have you had in the past that required research? Have you used Morgan library? If so, what have your experiences there been like?

Discuss Daily - Have students report on their past experiences. Give basic info about library such as hours, location, Sage, periodicals room, etc. I show them handouts from the library and encourage them to pick up handouts and to contact library staff for help.

Discuss using periodical indexes to prepare students for Wed. assignment.

Discuss the importance of organizing a search and the role of the following:

Explain the Group Annotated Bibliography and Perspectives Analysis assignment - Be sure to note that they will likely need to do some research beyond the group assignment once they choose a perspective and position. All sources consulted need to be on the proposal annotated bibliography. They will need to turn in a works cited and works consulted sheet with their final paper, too.

Do an example of research question-to-search term process.

Talk about evaluating sources, too. Form groups. Show students their group assignments and have them form groups and exchange information.