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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 21
Goals Assignment for Day 22
Bring a list of 3-5 issues you heard about on Wednesday that you would be interested in researching. Your list may also include issues you think are related to language and culture that were not discussed in the presentations. Complete group interest survey.

Group presentations - Remind students of expectations for the presentations, particularly regarding time. Handouts should be passed out at the beginning of the presentation. Encourage questions, but keep groups on track so all presentations can be made today.

You will want to take notes on the presentations so you can grade them as you listen to them. You may want to make up a checklist ahead of time to assist you in this.

If you end up with time after the presentations, have students work on the homework or discuss additional relevant issues that could be added to the lists the presentations generated.

Hand out group interest survey - You will need this to gather information needed to form issue groups for the next assignment. The survey form should include the following: