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Class Plan -- Unit Two, Day 19
Goals Assignment for Day 20
Reading - Read assigned chapter of articles in Exploring Language and write brief (2-4 sentence) summaries of each article. NO CLASS ON FRI., OCT. 10: READING DAY.

Collect Public Literacy essays.

Daily - Based on the readings and discussions so far in the course, make a list of the ways that language influences our lives.

Introduction to Unit II
Collect a list on the board generated from the Daily. Talk about the issues that have been raised about language so far and some of the controversies related to language. This will lead into your introduction to Unit II. It is recommended that your introduction include the following:

Give the Topic Exploration Group Assignment - The purpose of the assignment is to familiarize students with the issues about language and culture that they may chose to research in depth for their Arguing paper. We will start by having each group of students read a chapter of Exploring Language and make a presentation about the issues explored in that chapter. Then students will choose which issue they wish to explore further and form a research group based on their choice. This will eventually lead to carving out their own position on the issue and writing the Arguing proposal and paper individually.

You can have students sign up for topic groups or you can assign them.

Be sure to review how to identify an issue. Point out the difference between a topic or subject and an issue.

Have students meet with their topic group - The goal of this meeting is to introduce themselves to each other, exchange phTwo numbers and plan to meet between today and Wednesday to work on their presentation. Students will have class time on Monday to work on collecting their list of issues. Remind them that you will check their summaries of reading in class.