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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 7
Goals Assignment for Day 8
Reading - In PHG, Tannen essay and the two responses to it (pp. 276-81; 193-98)

Writing - Annotate for response techniques used in the essay. Complete one of the collecting assignments.

Daily - Read over the response you wrote for today. Look back at the three kinds of responding discussed in the PHG on pp. 184-186. Annotate your response with which type(s) of responding you did. Below your response, write a few brief notes about why you think you did this(these) type(s) of response. Small group activity - Put students in groups according to which article they read. Set up an activity to have them compare/contrast responses, identify elements of response such as focus, strategy(ies), development/evidence types. Allow them some time so they can discuss and argue about the essays informally as well.

Be sure to have written directions (on board or overhead) for the group activity.

Finish as a whole group, sharing examples with the class - I would focus particularly on how they explain their positions and on why they chose the response techniques.

Discuss how certain essays lend themselves to particular modes of response. For instance, since Rodriguez is making an argument about bilingual education, it is natural to respond in agree/disagree mode.

If time, have a brief discussion of their experiences in posting to the Web Forum.

Be sure to work in a "show and tell" on annotating if you haven't covered that already because they have to annotate the Tannen essay for homework.